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After installing Sun Chili!Soft ASP, you can use our diagnostic applications to make sure the ASP Server is functioning correctly.
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The Sun Chili!Soft ASP Administration Console is a browser-based tool for managing your Sun Chili!Soft ASP installation. From the console, you can configure ASP applications, configure databases to access from applications, monitor server performance, access complete product documentation, and more.
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If you're new to Active Server Pages (ASP) technology or to Sun Chili!Soft ASP, take the Sun Chili!Soft ASP 10-Step Tour. It introduces the main features of Active Server Pages.
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Note: To view the samples and ASP functionality on these pages, Allow session state must be set to yes on the Server Settings page in the Administration Console. For more information, see "Enabling Session State" in Chapter 3: Managing Sun Chili!Soft ASP" of the product documentation.
Learn more about building ASP applications

Here are links to resources that will help you learn more about building ASP applications:

Need Help?
Your first stop should be our product documentation, which you can access from links on this page, from the Administration Console, or from the following URL:
where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of the Web server configured to run with Sun Chili!Soft ASP.

Customer Support
Sun Chili!Soft provides 30 days of free customer support during your evaluation of Sun Chili!Soft ASP. You can contact Customer Support as follows:


Support Forum
Be sure to use our Support Forum. This is a discussion area where users of Sun Chili!Soft products share ideas and solve problems.
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