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Sample ASP Applications

Click the links on this page to view the sample ASP applications installed on your server. If you see a View ASP Source link at the bottom of the page, you can click it to view the application source code.

Note: To view the samples and ASP functionality on these pages, Allow session state must be set to yes on the Server Settings page in the Administration Console. For more information see "Enabling Session State" in Chapter 3: Managing Sun Chili!Soft ASP" of the product documentation.

Basic Applications
  • Calendar - This calendar application uses VBScript to calculate the number of days in a given month.
  • Inventory - This inventory application uses ASP to query a database and format the results, and also update a database.
Advanced Applications
  • Loan Calculator - This calculator uses a custom Active Server object to perform complex calculations.
  • Fitch and Mather 401K - This 401K application, generated by Microsoft Visual InterDev, uses several database functions, performs user authentication, and uses ASP to manipulate client-side JScript and ActiveX components.
  • Dos Perros Chili Company - This online store, generated by Visual InterDev, provides shopping cart functionality. To view this sample, your browser must support VBScript.
  • Friendship Insurance Internet Site - This Web site for a fictitious company, generated by Visual InterDev, demonstrates user authentication, uses various database features, and feeds live data to a Java applet.
  • Friendship Insurance Intranet Site - This intranet site for a fictitious company, generated by Visual InterDev, demonstrates using ASP to query and update a database and using a Java component to encapsulate complex business logic.
SpicePack Sample
  • SpicePack - This sample demonstrates how to use Chili!Mail, Chili!POP3 and Chili!Upload server side ActiveX components provided with Chili!Soft ASP SpicePack.

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