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ADO Objects

ADO provides two objects for managing connections with data sources (Connection and Command), two objects for managing the data returned from a data source (Field and Recordset) and three secondary objects (Parameters, Properties, and Errors) for managing information about ADO.



ADO Command Object

Defines a specific command to execute against a data source.

ADO Connection Object

Represents an open connection to a data source.

ADO Error Object

Provides specific details about each ADO error.

ADO Field Object

Represents a column of data with a common data type.

ADO Parameter Object

Represents a parameter or argument associated with a Command object based on a parameterized query or stored procedure.

ADO Property Object

Represents a dynamic characteristic of an ADO object that is defined by the provider. This object is not currently supported on UNIX.

ADO Recordset Object

Represents the entire set of records from a database table or the results of an executed command.

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