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Introduction: About This Documentation

Welcome to Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2, a Web server plug-in that enables Web servers running on different platforms to process Active Server Pages (ASP) code.

This documentation provides information about the installation, configuration, and use of Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2. It also provides basic information about building applications, and reference information.

There are two versions of this documentation: one in HTML format that includes dynamic index and search functionality, and one in Adobe PDF format. To view and print the PDF version, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed. To obtain a free copy of Acrobat Reader, go to:

In addition to the documentation, the following resources will also help you learn more about Sun Chili!Soft ASP:

   Diagnostic applications verify that your ASP environment is working correctly.

   Sample ASP applications demonstrate the basics of building Sun Chili!Soft ASP applications.

   The 10-step Tour provides a basic introduction to Sun Chili!Soft ASP technology.

This section describes these resources, and how to access them.

In this section:

What's in This Documentation

Accessing Documentation, Samples, and Diagnostics

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