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Choosing an Authoring Tool

ASP is one of the few technologies that can be used effectively for creating both sophisticated and entry-level Web applications. Because of the flexibility of ASP, there are many ASP development tools available for Web developers and authors with varying skill levels.

You can use any text editor to create *.asp files. As you progress, you may find it more productive to use an editor with enhanced support for ASP, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev, Adobe GoLive, Microsoft FrontPage, or Microsoft Visual InterDev.

Sun Chili!Soft ASP, combined with one or more of these development tools, gives you a common Web application platform for:

   Applications that are large and small, simple or complex.

   A host of popular Web servers and operating systems.

   Developers and page creators with widely varying skill levels.


Sun Chili!Soft ASP enables you to run ASP pages generated by a variety of development tools. Questions about the installation, configuration, and use of these tools should be directed to the tool's manufacturer.

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