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Configuring Multi-threading

The number of threads handled by the Sun Chili!Soft ASP Server at a time is set to 10 by default. If you have many ASP pages that include blocking operations (database access, for example) it is a good idea to increase this number. Keep in mind, however, that doing so creates more system overhead. A maximum number of 20 threads is recommended.

To configure Sun Chili!Soft ASP to use a specific number of threads

1.   Open the Administration Console by using the following URL:


where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of your Web server and [PORT] is the port on which the Administration Console is running (5100 by default).

2.   On the ASP tab of the Server Management page (the first page that displays when you open the Administration Console), click Settings.


The Server Settings page displays.


3.   In the Number of threads box, type the maximum number of threads you want to have running at once. This number is 10 by default.

4.   Click Save, and then click Yes to restart the Web server and ASP Server.


Restarting the ASP Server resets all Session and Application variables.

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