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The IRequest::get_Item method retrieves a pointer to an interface pointer of the first item in the Request object's collections that contains the specified string.

HRESULT get_Item(

BSTR bstrVar,

IDispatch ** ppObjReturn


Parameters: IRequest::get_Item


A binary string that contains the name of the item to retrieve.


Points to an IDispatch pointer that receives the object that contains the value specified in bstrVar.

Remarks: IRequest::get_Item

The Request object's collections are searched in the following order: QueryString, Form, Cookies, ClientCertificate, and ServerVariables.

If the object containing bstrVar is found in the QueryString, Form, or ServerVariables collection, then ppObjReturn points to an object that supports the IStringList interface.

If the object is found in the Cookies collection, ppObjReturn points to an object that supports the IReadCookie interface.

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