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The IResponse::put_ExpiresAbsolute method sets the value of the ExpiresAbsolute property of the Response object.

HRESULT put_ExpiresAbsolute(

DATE dtExpires


Parameters: IResponse::put_ExpiresAbsolute


A date that contains the new ExpiresAbsolute value

Remarks: IResponse::put_ExpiresAbsolute

If the user returns to the same page before the set date and time, the cached version is displayed. If a time is not specified, the page expires at midnight of that day. If a date is not specified, the page expires at the given time on the day that the script is run. If this property is set more than once on a page, the earliest expiration date or time is used. The date value sent in the Expires header conforms to the RFC-1123 date format. The time value is converted to Greenwich Mean Time before an Expires header is sent.

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