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Using @ Directives

Sun Chili!Soft ASP provides @ directives in addition to the available scripting commands. The following standard ASP @ directives are available:

ENABLESESSIONSTATE. This directive turns session tracking on and off for an ASP page. If your page does not rely on session information, turning session tracking off can decrease the time it takes Sun Chili!Soft ASP to process the script. By default, sessions are enabled. For more information, see "Managing User Sessions" in this chapter. The syntax for this directive is as follows:



LANGUAGE. By default, the primary scripting language for Sun Chili!Soft ASP is VBScript, but this can be changed to JScript for each ASP page by using the <%@ LANGUAGE> directive at the beginning of your ASP file. The syntax and parameters are as follows:

Syntax: LANGUAGE @ Directive

<%@ LANGUAGE=scriptengine %>

There must be a space between the @ and the keyword. More than one keyword can be specified in a directive; each keyword/value pair must be separated by a space. Do not put spaces around the equal sign (=).

Parameters: LANGUAGE @ Directive


The script engine that should process the script.


The following standard ASP directives are not implemented by Sun Chili!Soft ASP: CODEPAGE, LCID, and TRANSACTION.

For more information about configuring Sun Chili!Soft ASP language support, see "Developing International Applications" in this chapter.

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