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Accessing Methods and Fields with Chili!Beans

All public methods of a class are accessible from their Chili!Beans wrapper. If a class has multiple methods with the same name, the control will resolve the correct method at run time based on the arguments passed. In some cases the mappings of Variant data types in client scripts to Java data types can result in incorrect resolution between methods with similar signatures. The Chili!Beans control does not distinguish between methods or fields whose names differ only by case.

Uncaught exceptions thrown by Java method calls are caught by the control and reported to the controller as COM exceptions whose Description field is the toString() value of the Java Exception object thrown. If the CB_STACKTRACE environment variable is set to 1, a full stack trace for the exception is included in the description field. With Sun Chili!Soft ASP as the controller, this string is reported as part of the run-time error text and will appear in the browser.

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