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Chili!Beans Component Reference

The Chili!Beans ActiveX control is a wrapper that enables Java objects to be used by Component Object Model (COM) controllers (such as ActiveX scripting engines like VBScript). The control is designed to work with Java Virtual Machine versions 1.2 or greater.

To use Chili!Beans, a Java runtime environment (JRE) must be installed on the machine, and Chili!Beans must be enabled from the Administration Console. JRE 1.3.1 is included with Sun Chili!Soft ASP and is the recommended version. For more information, see "Enabling Java Support" in "Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring Sun Chili!Soft ASP," and "Enabling Chili!Beans" in this section.


When using Chili!Beans with Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Solaris, you must use the JVM Native Threads.

In rare cases it is necessary to supply startup settings to the Java Virtual Machine. See "Supplying Java Virtual Machine Settings" in this section.

Chili!Beans is not available for the Cobalt or Windows versions of Sun Chili!Soft ASP.

This section provides information about enabling and disabling Chili!Beans, and reference information about using the component:

   Enabling Chili!Beans

   Using Null Objects with Chili!Beans

   Iterating a Collection with Chili!Beans

   Accessing Methods and Fields with Chili!Beans

   Limitations of Chili!Beans Objects

   Supplying Java VM Settings

   Constructing Java Objects with Chili!Beans

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