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ADO Collections



ADO Errors Collection

Contains all stored Error objects, all of which pertain to a single operation involving ADO.

ADO Fields Collection

Contains all stored Field objects of a Recordset object.

ADO Parameters Collection

Contains all the Parameter objects of a Command object.

ADO Properties Collection

Contains all the Property objects for the specific instance of an object. This collection is not currently supported on UNIX.



ADO Collections Append Method

Appends a new object to the Parameters collection.

ADO Collections Clear Method

Clears the contents of an Errors collection.

ADO Collections Delete Method

Deletes an object from the Parameters collection.

ADO Collections Item Method

Returns a specific member of a collection by name or ordinal number.

ADO Collections Refresh Method

Updates the objects in a collection to reflect objects available from and specific to the provider.



ADO Collections Count Property

The number of objects in a collection.

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