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ADO Collections Item Method

Returns a specific member of a collection by name or ordinal number.

Item Method Applies To

ADO Errors Collection, ADO Fields Collection, ADO Parameters Collection, ADO Properties Collection

Item Method Syntax

Set object = collection.Item ( Index )

Item Method Parameters


Object reference created.


A Variant that evaluates either to the name or to the ordinal number of an object in a collection.

Item Method Return Values

Returns an object reference.

Item Method Remarks

Use the Item method to return a specific object in a collection. If the method cannot find an object in the collection corresponding to the Index argument, an error occurs. Also, some collections don't support named objects; for these collections, you must use ordinal number references.

The Item method is the default method for all collections; therefore, the following syntax forms are interchangeable:

collection.Item (Index)

collection (Index)

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