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ADO Field Object Attributes Property

One or more characteristics of an object. This property is read-only on UNIX.

Attributes Property Return Values (ADO Field Object)

Sets or returns a Long value.

Attributes Property Field (ADO Field Object)

For a Field object, the Attributes property is read-only, and its value can be the sum of any one or more of these FieldAttributeEnum values:




The field is deferred; that is, the field values are not retrieved from the data source with the whole record, but only when you explicitly access them.


The field can be written.


The provider cannot determine if the field can be written.


The field contains fixed-length data.


The field accepts Null values.


You can read Null values from the field.


The field is a long binary field. Also indicates that you can use the ADO Field Object AppendChunk Method and ADO Field Object GetChunk Method methods.


The field contains some kind of record ID (record number, unique identifier, and so forth).


The field contains some kind of time or date stamp used to track updates.


The provider caches field values and subsequent reads are done from the cache.

Attributes Property Remarks (ADO Field Object)

Use the Attributes property to set or return characteristics of Field objects.

When you set multiple attributes, you can sum the appropriate constants. If you set the property value to a sum including incompatible constants, an error occurs.

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