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ADO Property Object Attributes Property

One or more characteristics of an object.

Attributes Property Return Values (ADO Property Object)

Sets or returns a Long value.

Attributes Property Property (ADO Property Object)

For a Property object, the Attributes property is read-only, and its value can be the sum of any one or more of these PropertyAttributesEnum values:




The property is not supported by the provider.


The user must specify a value for this property before the data source is initialized.


The user does not need to specify a value for this property before the data source is initialized.


The user can read the property.


The user can set the property.

Attributes Property Remarks (ADO Property Object)

Use the Attributes property to set or return characteristics of Property objects.

When you set multiple attributes, you can sum the appropriate constants. If you set the property value to a sum including incompatible constants, an error occurs.

Attributes Property Examples (ADO Property Object)

This Visual Basic example displays the value of the Attributes property for Property objects. It uses the ADO Property Object Name Property to display the name of each Property object.

Public Sub AttributesX

Dim cnn1 As ADODB.Connection

Dim rstEmployees As ADODB.Recordset

Dim fldLoop As ADODB.Field

Dim proLoop As ADODB.Property

Dim strCnn As String

' Open connection and recordset.

strCnn = "driver={SQL Server};server=srv;" & _


Set cnn1 = New ADODB.Connection

cnn1.Open strCnn

Set rstEmployees = New ADODB.Recordset

rstEmployees.Open "employee", cnn1, , ,


' Display attributes of the Employee table properties.

Debug.Print "Property attributes:"

For Each proLoop In rstEmployees.Properties

Debug.Print " " & proLoop.Name & " = " & _


Next proLoop



End Sub

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