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ADO Recordset Object Clone Method

Creates a duplicate Recordset object from an existing Recordset object. This method is not currently supported on UNIX.

Clone Method Syntax

Set rstDuplicate = rstOriginal.Clone ()

Clone Method Parameters


An object variable identifying the duplicate Recordset object you're creating.


An object variable identifying the Recordset object you want to duplicate.

Clone Method Remarks

Use the Clone method to create multiple, duplicate Recordset objects, particularly if you want to be able to maintain more than one current record in a given set of records. Using the Clone method is more efficient than creating and opening a new Recordset object with the same definition as the original.

The current record of a newly created clone is set to the first record.

Changes you make to one Recordset object are visible in all of its clones regardless of cursor type. However, once you execute the ADO Recordset Object Requery Method on the original Recordset, the clones will no longer be synchronized to the original.

Closing the original recordset does not close its copies; closing a copy does not close the original or any of the other copies.

You can only clone a Recordset object that supports bookmarks. Bookmark values are interchangeable; that is, a bookmark reference from one Recordset object refers to the same record in any of its clones.

Clone Method Return Values

Returns a Recordset object reference.

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