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ASP Ad Rotator Component

The Ad Rotator component creates an Ad Rotator object that automates the rotation of advertisement images on a Web page. Each time a user opens or reloads the Web page, the Ad Rotator object displays a new advertisement based on the information you specify in a Rotator Schedule file.

You can record how many users click each advertisement by setting the URL parameter in the Rotator Schedule file to direct users to the Redirection file. When you specify this parameter, each jump to an advertiser's URL is recorded in the Web server activity logs.

The Ad Rotator object relies on two additional files for parameters and functionality:

Redirection File. An optional file that implements redirection and enables you to record how many users click on each advertisement and save this information to a file on the server.

Rotator Schedule File. A text file that contains the display schedule and file information for advertisements. This file must be available on a Web server virtual path.

Registry Settings: ASP Ad Rotator Component

The Ad Rotator Component makes use of no registry settings.

Syntax: ASP Ad Rotator Component

The Ad Rotator Control is registered with the ProgId of "MSWC.AdRotator". The following VBScript excerpt shows creating an instance of the control.

Set adRot = Server.CreateObject( "MSWC.AdRotator" )

Properties: ASP Ad Rotator Component




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