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Installed ASP Components

The following is a list of ASP components that are installed with Sun Chili!Soft ASP.



Ad Rotator

Creates an Ad Rotator object that automates the rotation of advertisement images on a Web page.

Browser Capabilities

Creates a BrowserType object that determines the type, version, and capabilities of every browser that visits your site.

Content Linking

Creates a NextLink object that manages a list of URLs so that you can treat the pages in your Web site like the pages in a book.

Content Rotator

Creates a ContentRotator object that automatically rotates HTML content strings on a Web page.


Creates a Counters object that can create, store, increment, and retrieve any number of individual counters.


Creates a MyInfo object that keeps track of personal information, such as the site administrator's name, address, and display choices.


Creates a Tools object that provides utilities that enable you to easily add sophisticated functionality to your Web pages.

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