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ASP Content Linking Component

The Content Linking component creates a NextLink object that manages a list of URLs so that you can treat the pages in your Web site like the pages in a book. You can use the Content Linking component to automatically generate and update tables of contents and navigational links to previous and subsequent Web pages. This is ideal for applications such as online newspapers and forum message listings.

The Content Linking component references a Content Linking List file that contains the list of the linked Web pages. This list is stored on the Web server and must be available on a web server virtual path.

Registry Settings: ASP Content Linking Component

The control makes use of no registry settings.

Syntax: ASP Content Linking Component

The Content Linking component is registered with the ProgId of "MSWC.NextLink." The following VBScript excerpt shows creating an instance of the control.

Set cLinker = Server.CreateObject( "MSWC.NextLink" )

Properties: ASP Content Linking Component


Methods: ASP Content Linking Component









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