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Changing the Web Server after Installation

In certain cases you might want to change the Web server with which Sun Chili!Soft ASP is configured to run. This association is referred to as the Web server-to-ASP Server linkage, and was specified during the installation of Sun Chili!Soft ASP.

To change the Web server after installation

1.   From the Sun Chili!Soft ASP installation directory (/opt/casp by default), type the following command:

#> ./configure-server

2.   At the prompt, select Configure the ASP Server.

3.   Select Change the Web server-to-ASP Server association.

4.   At the prompt, select the Web server you want to change, or select Cancel to exit.

Note: If no Web servers are installed, you will be prompted to add a server.

5.   At the prompt, enter y (yes) if the ASP Server information is correct.

- or -

If the information is incorrect, enter n (no) to return to the previous screen.

6.   At the prompt, select a Web server from the list, or make another selection:

Select Specify the Web server to specify the Web server manually, and then make your selections as prompted.

- or -

Select Attempt to auto-detect more Web servers to direct the system to search for (auto-detect) installed Web servers from which to select, and then make your selection.

- or -

Select Do not configure a Web server to cancel the operation altogether. Choosing this option returns you to step 2.

7.   At the prompt on the Verify Web Server Information screen, enter y (yes) if the Web server information is correct.

Note: If the information is incorrect, enter n (no) to return to the previous screen.

8.   At the prompt, select the desired configuration option:

Choose 1. Default configuration to use the default configuration settings and finish the reconfiguration of the Web server. This option is strongly recommended for all but the most experienced users of Sun Chili!Soft ASP.

- or -

Choose 2. Custom configuration if you are an experienced user of Sun Chili!Soft ASP and want to customize a number of settings. If you select this option, you will also receive a prompt asking you if you want the Web server restarted. If you enter y (yes), the Web server will be restarted and configured. If you enter n (no), you will be prompted to restart the Web server manually.

- or -

Choose 3. Choose another Web server to install to if you do not want to reconfigure the Sun Chili!Soft ASP Server-to-Web server association. Choosing this option returns you to step 4.


If you select the first or second option, any current Sun Chili!Soft ASP Server-to-Web server association will be lost, disabling the previously associated Web server from serving up ASP content. If you do not want to reconfigure this association, choose the third option (to choose another Web server).


If reconfiguration fails for any reason, the current association is left unchanged.

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