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Displaying Data on a Web Page with FrontPage

With Sun Chili!Soft ASP, FrontPage developers can continue to use FrontPage features for connecting to a database and displaying its information on an ASP page. Sun Chili!Soft ASP supports all methods for displaying database data that are generated by the FrontPage Database Results Wizard, including:

   Table format

   List format

   Drop-down menu format

By using the Database Results Wizard, developers can easily present the most recent data each time a user views and refreshes a page. Sun Chili!Soft ASP also supports the FrontPage "Send To Database" HTML form handler feature, and the Recordset navigation toolbar generated by the Database Results Wizard for moving quickly through the pages of records returned by a query.


When using the FrontPage Database Results Wizard, you must first create the ASP pages locally on your workstation, and then publish them on the server running the ASP Server and FrontPage Server Extensions. After moving the ASP pages, you can later use FrontPage to edit them on the server. Note that you must change the connection strings created by FrontPage for them to work with Sun Chili!Soft ASP for UNIX or Linux. For more information, see "Using FrontPage Database Connections" in this section.

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