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Upgrading Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Solaris

Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2 automatically upgrades many of your settings from an existing installation of Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Solaris.

To perform an upgrade from Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.0-P2 or 3.6.1 to Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2, follow the instructions in "Running the Setup Program: Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Solaris" in this chapter. In addition, review the following information and take any necessary steps:

   The Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2 setup program preserves the settings from your Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.0-P2 or 3.6.1 installation, and then imports these settings into your new Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2 installation. The settings imported from your existing installation will override the settings that you configure during installation, with the exception of Chili!Beans support. During installation, you must configure Chili!Beans support and select the option for the bundled JRE 1.3.1 (or specify a path to a different JRE). While JREs 1.2.x and 1.3.x are supported, and the Java 2 Runtime Environment can also be used, the use of JRE 1.3.1 is strongly recommended. Java support must be configured, even if it was enabled in the installation you are upgrading.


SpicePack settings and Sybase DSNs are not migrated when upgrading to Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2.

   If necessary, upgrade your Web server to meet the requirements listed in "Installation Requirements: Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Solaris" in this chapter.

   Back up your existing installation prior to beginning the upgrade.

   The new installation will completely overwrite your existing installation. If there are any files you want to preserve in your current Sun Chili!Soft ASP installation directory, copy them to another location. Otherwise, they will be lost.

   Do not upgrade a mission-critical production server. Performing the upgrade and taking the additional configuration steps required might keep your server offline for an unacceptably long period of time. If possible, you should mirror the production server to a nonproduction server, perform the upgrade, and then test and debug the upgraded server before deploying it in your production environment.

When the setup program has completed the installation, do the following:

   Verify that any system DSNs defined for your previous installation are functioning correctly. For more information, see "Testing a DSN" in "Chapter 3: Managing Sun Chili!Soft ASP." If they are not functioning, you can create or edit the system DSNs as needed, as described in "Configuring Data Source Names (DSNs)" in "Chapter 3: Managing Sun Chili!Soft ASP." You can find the configuration information for the system DSNs that were defined for your previous installation in the following file:


where [C-ASP_INSTALL_DIR] is the path name of the Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2 installation directory.

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