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Upgrading Sun Chili!Soft ASP for Windows

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Sun Chili!Soft ASP, run the setup program as described in "Running the Setup Program" in this chapter. Before you begin, however, you must take the following steps:

   The new installation will completely overwrite your existing installation. If there are any items that you want to preserve in your current Sun Chili!Soft ASP installation directory, copy them to another location. Otherwise, they will be lost.

   If you changed your Sun Chili!Soft ASP registry settings from the defaults, you will need to reconfigure them following the upgrade (make note of your current registry settings before you begin the installation to use as a reference). For more information about configuring registry settings, see "Editing the Windows Registry" in "Chapter 3: Managing Sun Chili!Soft ASP."

   During installation you will be asked for the complete pathname of the folder in which you want to install Sun Chili!Soft ASP 3.6.2. Specify the folder in which the previous version is installed. Otherwise, you must uninstall the previous version.

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