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ASP Session Object Overview

The Session object is one of the five Sun Chili!Soft ASP built-in objects. The Session object is used to store information about the current user's session. Variables stored with this object exist as long as the user's session is active, even if more than one application is used.

This object supports one method, Abandon, which abandons the current Web server session, destroying any objects. It supports two properties, SessionID, containing the identifier for the current session, and Timeout, specifying a time-out value for the session. Keep in mind that the session identifier persists as long as the current Web server session is running. If you shut down the Web server service, the identifiers restart. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use the session identifier to create logon IDs, because you could end up with duplicates.

For information about using the ASP built-in objects, see "ASP Built-in Objects Reference" in "Chapter 5: Developer's Reference."

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