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ASP Server Object Overview

The Server object is one of the five Sun Chili!Soft ASP built-in objects. The Server object provides high-level access to the ASP Server. Along with the Application object, the Server object provides ASP applications with global data: information that applies to all users of the application. The Server object gives you programmatic control of the Web server, providing access to HTTP services that you would otherwise need to code for each application. By using Server object properties and methods, you can create objects, execute scripts on other ASP pages, translate virtual path names to physical path names, and perform server-side redirects.

The Server object supports one property, ScriptTimeout, which allows you to set the value for when the script processing will time out, and the following methods:

   CreateObject: creates an instance of a server component. This component can be any component that you have installed on your server (such as an ActiveX).

   HTMLEncode: encodes the specified string in HTML.

   MapPath: maps the current virtual path to a physical directory structure. You can then pass that path to a component that creates the specified directory or file on the server.

   URLEncode: applies URL encoding to a specified string.

For information about using the ASP built-in objects, see "ASP Built-in Objects Reference" in "Chapter 5: Developer's Reference."

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