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Enabling FrontPage Authoring

With Sun Chili!Soft ASP, Web authors can publish their work to the Web server using the FrontPage client. To enable this capability, FrontPage Server Extensions must be installed and FrontPage authoring must be enabled on the Web server. For information about enabling FrontPage authoring, consult your FrontPage documentation.

FrontPage Server Extensions are supported but not installed by Sun Chili!Soft ASP. You must obtain the extensions from Microsoft, as described in "Installing FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions" in this chapter.

Once you have enabled FrontPage authoring, you can then access the FrontPage root Web on your Web server to configure it for FrontPage users, as described in "Setting up FrontPage Users" in this chapter.


On Cobalt systems, FrontPage Server Extensions are managed from the Cobalt Administration Console.

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