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Setting up FrontPage Users

Before you can set up directories and Webs for FrontPage users, you must first install and configure FrontPage Server Extensions, as described in "Installing FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions" in this chapter. Then you must enable FrontPage authoring on the Web server, as described in your Microsoft product documentation.

Once you have done this, you can use the FrontPage client to connect to the FrontPage root Web to configure it for users. You can change your FrontPage administrator password ("root" by default) and set up usernames, passwords, and directories (called "Webs") in FrontPage. For more information about changing the administrator password and adding users and user Webs, see your Microsoft product documentation.

To connect to the FrontPage root Web

1.   Make sure FrontPage Server Extensions are installed and FrontPage authoring is enabled on the Web server.

2.   From the FrontPage client File menu, click Open Web.

3.   In the Folder Name box, type the following URL:


where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of your Web server.

4.   Click Open.

5.   When prompted, type "admin" for the username and "root" for the password.

6.   Make the desired configuration changes, as described in the FrontPage documentation.

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