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Enabling External Components

The Sun Chili!Soft ASP Administration Console Components page provides access to external SpicePack and Chili!Beans components.

Sun Chili!Soft SpicePack is a set of Component Object Model (COM) components that handle commonly used ASP application functionality. The components are Chili!Mail, Chili!POP3, and Chili!Upload.

The Chili!Beans ActiveX control is a wrapper that enables Java objects to be used by COM controllers, such as ActiveX scripting engines like VBScript.

To enable external components

1.   Open the Administration Console by using the following URL:


where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of your Web server and [PORT] is the port on which the Administration Console is running (5100 by default).

2.   On the ASP Server tab of the Server Management page (the first page to display when you open the console), click Components.


The Components page displays.


3.   Click to select or clear (enable or disable) the components as desired.

Note: If you did not enable Chili!Beans support during installation (install a Java runtime environment), Chili!Beans will not be listed on the Components page. See "Enabling Java Support" in "Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring Sun Chili!Soft ASP."

4.   When finished, click Save to save your changes.

- or -

Click Cancel to revert to the last settings that were saved.

The Server Management page displays.

5.   If you changed the status of the Chili!Beans component, you must restart the ASP Server by clicking Restart on the Server Management page. You do not need to restart the ASP Server if you changed the status of the other components.


Restarting the ASP Server resets all Session and Application variables.

See also:

SpicePack Component Reference in "Chapter 5: Developer's Reference"

Chili!Beans Component Reference in "Chapter 5: Developer's Reference"

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