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Starting and Stopping the Administration Web Server

When you install Sun Chili!Soft ASP, the setup program installs an administration Web server, which hosts the Sun Chili!Soft ASP Administration Console. By default, the administration Web server is configured to start when you start the computer running Sun Chili!Soft ASP. Although you can start and stop the ASP Server by using the Administration Console (as described in "Stopping and Restarting the ASP Server" in this chapter), to start or stop the administration Web server, you must use the command-line utility, admtool, which is installed with Sun Chili!Soft ASP.

To start or stop the administration Web server

1.   Telnet or log in to the computer running Sun Chili!Soft ASP as root.

2.   Change directories (cd) to the Sun Chili!Soft root installation directory (/opt/casp by default).

3.   Start the admtool utility by running the following command:


When you start the admtool utility, the following list of options displays:

1. Start admin server. Starts the administration Web server.

2. Stop admin server. Stops the administration Web server.

3. Admin server status. Indicates whether the administration Web server is running or stopped.

4. Add a user. Adds a new administrator username and password or changes the password for an existing username.

5. Remove a user. Removes a username.

6. List users. Shows a list of all usernames currently configured for the Administration Console.

7. Quit. Saves any changes and exits the admtool utility.

4.   To start the administration Web server, enter 1 (Start admin server)

- or -

To stop the administration Web, enter 2 (Stop admin server).

5.   When prompted, press Enter to continue.

6.   To save any changes and exit, enter 7 (Quit).

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